is a very addictive and awesome snake game, but it can be brutal and merciless a bit due to of the basic principals in the game. Let’s explore more now!

Slither Publisher
July 5, 2016

It’s time to explore about a famous current snake game called and earn new experiences from it. Most of the players always remember some snake games that can be played on the mobile phones that have a primary visual display. The rule of those snake games are kind of easy and understandable by they were addicted to “Snake”. They could even spend a bunch of hours on tapping their finger on the phones, move their snake around and try to absorb the dot on the screen while dodge their long body. Those classic snake games were extremely addictive, and you could catch up with it in just a short time. But at the moment, there is another wonderful Snake game that is even better than the classic ones a lot. Let’s find out Slitherio now!

The Game is a snake game that can be upgraded and updated continuously, especially some wonderful features that are going to be added to the game. The game puts you in the shoes of the tiny snake when you first spawn, and then your adventure will begin from there. You will take control of your snake and move it around the map to search for pellets, then eat them up to increase your length and mass. Different from the classic snake games, you will not die when you cross over your own body. Hence, you just freely roam around the large map and enjoy stuff. The more you eat, the bigger you are and of course, your score will get increased too. Nevertheless, you are not allowed to run into other snakes that are controlled by the real players. Doing that will cause your snake’s life to come to an end, meaning your game will be over too. Hence, you must try to protect the head of your snake and don’t let it c

rash into the body of other snakes. This can be a tip, and you can use it to your advantage. If you want to kill the other snakes, then this way can help you a lot. At first, you should go parallel with the opponent snake, and make a speed boost instantly to cut off his head! He will get exploded for sure after crashing into your body. Then, you can try to snatch up all, his dead fragments to increase your mass and length faster. Coiling

When you see another snake that is trying to kill another one, you should be a scavenger in this case! Why? This could be because if you jump to their battle, you may get killed. So, the best way is to stay outside and wait for a chance to grab the dead fragments of the snake that gets killed. If you do well, you can develop your mass in the short time. But you should be skillful when scavenging their remains, and don’t let your snake run into the other ones. Another way to become bigger fast is to eat the mobile pellet! There are some of the pellets that move very fast, if you make a speed boost and catch one of them, you will become larger. However, you should be aware that whenever you speed up, your current length will be decreased to a certain amount.

Gaming Experience

Slither io Game Experience is a real multiplayer game that actually brings us a thing called Snake! The game has a bunch of ways to play which totally depends on the game style of the players. They can play following their own way. Most of the players will select to roam around at the edge of the map where there are very few opponent snakes so that they can freely eat the pellets as much as they want. They will handle their own challenge and slowly develop until they obtain the rank on the leaderboard. But, the funnies place in the game is not the corner of the map, it is the middle of the map! You should lead your snake to that location because the center will consist of a lot of dead fragments, giant snakes and a lot of opponents there. You can be a scavenger or try to kill a snake then swallow its remain. It will be extremely fun and competitive.

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