New extension of will be completed as soon as possible. We're suspending its old extension version, so you won't be able to play it temporarily.

Slither Publisher
July 15, 2022

We would like to announce the update of extension version of It is ongoing and will be finished soon so you can play this game in its best version ever.

As you know, mods are one of the most popular online arcade games on our web browser. It creates a great battlefield where you fight other players in the battle for survival. Your mission is to control your snake on the map, search for food and get bigger over time. Mod Extension Updating Mod Extension Updating

This game has attracted millions of plays from fans around the globe. So we always want it to be the best experience for everyone. During our testing, we discovered some bugs that we need to fix. So today, we are suspending the old extension to fix bugs and update many new features.

We don’t know when we’ll finish this update, but we’ll definitely do this as soon as possible. With the new extension version, you can enjoy a smooth online survival experience and discover many new features. It’s the best time to play online and make your best records.

Basically, the new extension version does not have too many changes compared to the previous one. It’s still an online battleground with typical snake predator gameplay. So don’t worry too much about reaching the new version. You can start playing it as soon as we finish this update.

Finally, we would like to announce again that we are updating and fixing the old extension of Therefore, you are temporarily unable to play this game, please wait a little longer to discover the new extension. We ask for your understanding for this inconvenience and we promise to complete the update soon.

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