Check out new features that have just been added to Mod now! With these features, you will play your game well and experience better gaming performances!

Slither Publisher
August 1, 2016 Mod Install is a brand new multiplayer game that has just come out for a while and now the players should check out Mod to experience more features in the game. this is the latest update version adding new cool features. Find out now!

The latest updated features in Mod

  • Zoon hack: You can use the mouse wheel scroll to zoom in or zoom out
  • Mini-map: Display your current position in the game
  • Your nickname will be saved

Steps to install

  • Step 1: Clear up your cache of web You can find out how to clear it here
  • Step 2: Get rid of all mods and extensions
  • Step 3: Begin to download or install Tampermonkey
  • Step 4: Start to install Mod v1.0 Alpha Beta
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