Explore imminent features in Slither.io Mods v4 now! These features will make your game more amazing and thrilling to play. Also, they will bring you more gaming experiences!

Slither Publisher
July 29, 2016

There are plenty of forthcoming updates that you should explore in Slither.io Mods v4! You may have experienced some of the features in Slither.io mods v3, but this time, there will be a lot awaiting you ahead. Let’s check them out now!

Slither.io Mods Version 4

Forthcoming features in Slither.io Mods v4:

  • Delete glow effects option enable/remove (decrease lag)
  • Will add Voice Chat for party or members in clan, optional: enable/disable
  • Your clan tag will be added to famous list
  • List of top players for everyday
  • List of top clans for everyday
  • Add Party War Mode
  • Add Clan War Mode
  • Youtubers will get copyright free music
  • Add Server ping viewer
  • Adjust snake skins
  • Kill count and timer
  • Add SFX sound effects
  • Auto replay, optional: Enable/disable
  • Zoom feature, optional: enable/disable
  • Upgrade mod with no clear cache

There you go! There are plenty of upgrades that will be added to the game. Just keep calm and wait for them to come out!

Steps to install Slither.io Mods?

Step 1: clear up the cache of web browser

Find out how to clear the Cache here

Step 2: Delete all slither.io mods and extensions

Step 3: Start to download or install Tampermonkey, click this link

Step 4: Begin to install Slither.io Mods 3.3

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