Let’s join a new option in Slither.io game called Single Player, or also known as “Play Against AI” and check out new control for you to play on your mobile devices!

Slither Publisher
July 30, 2016
Slither.io Single Player

It’s time to find out a new option in Slither.io game called Single Player! As we know, Slither.io is famous for its multiplayer snake game, meaning you will bump into a bunch of various real players all over the world and compete against them for the highest position on the server. But, what would you do if you could play the game on your own without any real opponents? Surely it will be a new experience for you, right? The game has just added a new option for you, and it’s called “Play Against AI” you can enjoy this mode on your mobile devices. In this single player mode, you will enjoy a quicker gameplay without any lags!

Play Slither.io Online

“Play Against AI” mode

The purpose of making this mode is to make other people, especially new beginners, who are too scared to face real players in PvP mode, more confident and give them more time to practice their skills first. If you have no confidence in joining a real battle, you can engage in this mode and try your best to upgrade your skills. In this mode, all snakes you are seeing are known as A.I, meaning Artificial Intelligence, and they are completely controlled by bots, not human beings. However, the A.I doesn’t appear to be as intelligent as human beings and those bots are sometimes kind of uncertain. You also see a leaderboard showing some of the names of the snakes even though they are not real. And those snake names are probably taken from the real accounts all over the world.

Slither.io New Controls

New controls in Slither.io game

For iOS version, the players now have a chance to choose their own favorite controls, including Arrow mode, classic mode or joystick mode. With arrow mode, you will see an arrow right in front of your snake to signify its present heading. About classic mode, you have already enjoyed it many times, and in Joystick mode, it will show the virtual thumbstick. Some of the players will surely choose the arrow mode because, with this one, it will be easier for you to direct your snake and “tell” your snake which direction it should go. You can select this mode and play it for yourself to experience! Wish you luck!

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