is a top game on both iOS and Android platforms in May 2016. Find out the chart of the number of downloads as well as explore other top games too!

Slither Publisher
July 6, 2016 is a snake game that has just gained more and more reputations due to its top rank regarding the number of downloads on both iOS and Android in the US. Based on Sensor Tower, which is known as an application store optimization company, in May 2016, has attracted a bunch of players, and it kept them addicted to play and become the biggest snake in the game. The number of downloads of the game has reached over 20 million times in the U.S on both iOS and Android. You can check out the image below: on iOS and Android

According to what Sensor Tower said, nearly 9 million of downloads on these platforms occurred in May, with nearly 70 percent of downloads of the game that were roughly calculated and it mostly came from people who use iOS. About the downloads in the last month, we also witnessed Hungry Shark World of Ubisoft coming in second on iOS and third on Android, along with an approximately 4.28 million of downloads on iOS and Android in America.

There were still other top games taking place in May 2016 and they all relate to downloads, they were Kepchapp’s Stack coming in fifth on iOS and sixth on Android, and Clash Royale of Supercell coming in fourth on Android and sixth on iOS.

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