There are so many awesome tips and tricks that you must check out before joining game! These strategies will help you in vanquishing all threats and opponents!

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May 12, 2016

Best tips and tricks to conquer in game game has attracted thousands of players recently. This wonderful and famous multiplayer snake game online surely keep you addicted once playing. There is a lot of players putting their effort into ranking up and reaching the top position on the leaderboard, as well as surviving longer in such a brutal world. However, that dream is very hard to do if they have no idea about tips, tricks, and nice strategies. Now, with this tutorial here, you can learn more about useful strategies!

Tips and Tricks

Speed Increasing (for basic, any size and neutral): Lots of people when playing at first don’t know how to speed up their snake. For those who are playing the game on mobile devices, they need to tap on the screen to move faster. But if you are playing on PC, you can tap spacebar, up arrow key, or click left and right mouse to accelerate.

Zig-Zag (basic, tiny, hostile): You can get other snakes bewildered by moving back and forth in zigzag lines

Surrounding (basic, average to giant, hostile): If you are a larger snake, you can encircle the tiny ones to prevent them from moving. Try to constrict your body until they have to run into you.

Double Surrounding (basic to average, enormous, hostile): this trick is popular to you, but the ones that use the surrounding are good targets for the bigger snakes to use the surrounding on

Inversing the circle squeeze (middle to advanced, average, hostile): it’s so hard to execute. Don’t give them more space when the circle squeeze becomes powerful by the constant constriction. Being right in front of their faces makes them have insufficient space to withdraw the cage. Therefore, you will either maintain it as a deadlock or let loose the cage. Perhaps, you will not loosen them enough to run way, but they will probably either neglect the interest or just get killed by a larger snake.

Pinch (middle, any size, hostile/ tricky): When being at the edges of the map or a zone that is full of players, you just simply try to kill the chasers by causing them to go against the body of another snake.

Keep circling inside (basic, big, hostile): If you want to hold your position on the leaderboard, you must try to circle inside of your snake, and you will be safe.

Safeguarding (basic, big, neutral/hostile): try to encircle the lion’s share of the glowing dots instead of moving directly for hunting delicious snake remains, if you do that, you will get more points

Partial protecting (basic, average to big, neutral/hostile): You can use your own body to create a wall in order to keep other enemies at bat if you are not big enough to encircle the lion’s share, or if you have no time.

Create self-destruction (advanced, giant, sneaking): If there is a snake that has the similar skin and length to you and it’s nearby you, you have to escape away, and then you can try to bait them so that they will run into your body. You must brainstorm carefully before carrying out. If you feel doubtful when there is a snake making an effort to do this to you, you should speed up.

In-game features and controls

There are several features that are updated in mods. Click the link below to  find out all of them to experience more!

Add on Chrome

Chrome Extension

Also, you can check out the Chrome Extension for mod at here too.

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