Now you can check out basic steps to install or uninstall the userscript in Chrome now! Just follow them and you will get the userscript for your own use!

Install/uninstall user script

Do you want to install or uninstall the userscript in your browser? As a Google Chrome user, you must check out the steps bellows if you want to play game. You can install or get rid of via Tampermoneky extension in Google Chrome.

Fundamental steps to install user script in Google Chrome

Step 1: Start it off with Tampermoneky extension and be ready for the installation. When you’re done installing, the Tampermonkey icon will appear which is next to the menu in Google Chrome game
Step 2: Have access to mods, find the mods that you want to remove, then open it, start clicking the install button. game
Step 3: if you want to install, you have to hit OK button and then click it again to confirm the installation game
Step 4: Click Tampermonkey icon and go to Dashboard if you want to get the quick effect and correct the script. Then, you will see a list of user-script, choose one of them and start altering. Remember to save the changes when you are done. game

Fundamental steps to uninstall the user scripts in Google Chrome

Step 1: Go to Tampermonkey Dashboard through Tampermonkey icon, after that, just simply choose Dashboard game
Step 2: The list of userscrips will turn up now. Go find the one that you are aiming for to remove, the click delete button game
Step 3: Select OK button to determine your removal, now, that userscript will not turn up on Dashboard anymore. game

In-game features

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Chrome Extension

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