Chat Online is a new feature that is going to be attached to game! With this function, the players can talk to each other through a chat box and discuss anything during their game!

Slither Publisher
May 18, 2016

Play with friends mod

Do you want to start a conversation with other opponent snakes controlled by real players in game? Now, you can totally fulfill that with a new feature called Chat Online! It will help you communicate with other opponents during your game. This feature is going to be added to mod, and it’s kind of easy to do. You will set a new nickname and then you can use it for free during your game. Also, you can move the chat box to a certain location on the screen in which you will have a better sight while you are in your game. You can turn it on/off if you want as well. With this feature, all players can have a good conversation together! They can even make friends through the chat box, or team up with each other too. Let’s find out the Chat Online function in the game for your experience!

Play With Friends

In-game features

Don’t forget to explore other cool features that were just added to mod! There are so many wonderful functions that you can experience in the game. Check the link here now!

Chrome Extension

Add on Chrome

Chrome Extension of mod allows you to utilize new features in the game. Be sure to check this out before adding those features.

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