Mods extension Tutorial

For those who have no idea about Mods much, don’t worry, they can totally research on this full tutorial to understand more about mods in the game. All types of the menu will be described clearly, along with some of the basic controls for you!

Tutorial on Mods

Play Menu:

Give your snake a cute name, the type that name and then hit the Play button. If you want to create a party, you can select to start making and then send the code to your friends. After that, they will paste the code and hit Join party. If the party maker wants to change the server, you will be able to join him/her all the time

Graphics Menu:

The graphics in the game can be adjusted now with the graphic quality tab. If you want to select a normal background, just click the background tab. For those who want to use a custom background, they can select “choose your file” section and upload their photo. After that just hit “set background.”

Connection Menu:
Now, you can select the server that you want to play on. The IP server of your friend will be sent to you, you just copy and paste it then you can be on that server
Settings Menu:

Type in the “Clan tag” button and then start selecting your clan tag. You can even select the clan name which is right below the clan tag. The tag will turn up before the name, and the name of the clan is used by other players, they will call your clan by that name. In addition, the clan logo can be switched too if you hit the change logo button. The file you have chosen must have this ideal size: 200 x 150 for instance

Help Menu:

There are some of the additional controls that you can see at this section

Contact Menu:

If you want to report something about the game, like a bug, for instance, you can make a contact to the team at this section.

Basic controls:

  • Tap key ESC to respawn
  • Use zoom hack, like zoom in or out by using the mouse wheel scroll, or use up/down arrow keys or keys I/O
  • Tap key Q to die
  • Reset the zoom by using the Tilde/Grave or Period key
  • Tap key TAB to turn on/off HUD
  • Press key W to toggle the skin rotator
  • Press key shift or spacebar or click left mouse to perform a speed boost
  • Tap key F to activate or disable BOT

There are plenty of languages for you to use, including German, Turkish, English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Polish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, Hebrew, and Czech. If you want more languages to be added, you should contribute and then yours will be added to the list.

How to Install Mods on Google Chrome

Step 1: Go to Tampermonkey extension and start installing it. After that, there is a Tampermonkey icon appearing, and it’s nearby the Menu button in Google Chrome. Tutorial
Step 2: Open mods, and then search for the Mods that you want to install. Then, open it and click the Install button Tutorial
Step 3: When you complete, you need to get the page refresh so that you can get the immediate effect from the installed script. Also, you can edit the script as well. Approach Dashboard after clicking Tampermonkey icon. The list of user scripts will appear, then you can select your changes. After that, keep all the changes saved Tutorial

How to Install Mods on Firefox / Safari

Step 1: Try to install Greasemonkey extensions on Firefox, and install Tampermonkey on Safari Tutorial
Go to this to download it, if you haven’t installed Greasemonkey yet
Step 2:Start downloading Mods Tutorial
Step 3: Greasemonkey will call you up to select Install button, just click it when you are asked so that you can confirm this installation on Firefox Tutorial
Step 4: To know how to edit the script, just continue reading

Steps to Disable other Mods Scripts/Extension?

Disable/Delete other user scripts in chrome:

Step 1: Select Tampermonkey icon then move to Tampermonkey Dashboard, select Dashboard Tutorial
Step 2: You will see the list of user script, now, you have to begin seeking to the script that you want to get rid of, after that, click “delete” button Tutorial
Step 3: The deletion must be confirmed now. So, hit OK button to delete your user script, and it won’t appear on Dashboard anymore. Tutorial

Steps to uninstall the Other Extension on Chrome?

Step 1: On your browser, choose the menu, then select more tools, and click Extensions
Step 2: When you’re done selecting the extension that you want to remove, choose Remove from Chrome
Step 3: You will see a notice of removing the extension popping up. Select Remove
If you want to find out Chrome extensions, you need to go to chrome://extensions for further info!

Steps uninstall user script on Firefox:

Step 1: Select the menu on Firefox, choose Tools, and move to Greasemonkey, and select Manage User Scripts Tutorial
Step 2: Select the script that you want to edit, then select “Remove” button Tutorial

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