Find out a new strategy in game called “swallow your own tail” now! There are so many awesome tricks that you can follow with this one to defeat the opponents!

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May 19, 2016

Slitherio Absorb your own tail

Slitherio Absorb your own tail

Swallowing your own tail in game can be viewed as the one of the most common ways that the players use for their own sake. If you have been playing this snake game and still do so at the moment, you must explore this new strategy to earn new gaming experiences!

Fundamental strategy

  • Reach top 15 mass
  • Move to the center of the map
  • Swallow your tail and make an effort to create a large circle while eating
  • Be more patient
  • When you see another snake die in front of you, you must reach their dead fragments, eat them all to increase your length faster. But, try not to go too far!

Swallow your own tail

The center of the map doesn’t contain many giant snakes, and this strategy is very meaningful. You will be defended and secure with your own tell, and no snakes can cut you off. Also, this strategy stops you from running into 4 smaller fry with no way to run away before you can’t have a far vision, so just use it for your own safety!

Nevertheless, the disadvantage of this one is that it is very slow. There will be times that you will see other snakes getting killed so close to you, but neglecting them is the thing that you must do, or else you will destroy the formation. Please bear in mind that you are entering the middle of the map filled with various small fry. If that formation gets broken, you will lose for sure

The other snakes will also have a chance to spawn in you. Thus, you need to swallow them all. Don’t open up, because if you do, it will be extremely risky, and you don’t have to constrict them much. They will get blown up sooner or later if they want to begin again.

So do you think that you won’t be encircled? That’s totally so wrong of those who think that they won’t get surrounded! Technically, they can! It’s just that the chance has come yet! You already know that the middle of the map is the funniest place in the game where there are no bigger snakes, and this could be because the likelihood for death to come is so high. If you are surrounded by the larger snakes, opening up to getting closed off by the tiny fry is the only thing they have to do at that moment. For the constriction, they must press themselves against you. However, executing that thing will leave them no way out, and they can’t run away from the external snake. You must snatch up a chance when you see them do that so you can swallow more pellets. Surrounding death is kind of effortless to swallow without any risks and destroying the formation.

So why is the center? This could be because this is the location in which you can enter a vast sea of food. You have to swallow all the pellets surrounding to develop your size. In addition, the middle of the map is also full of various dead fragments dropped by the killed snakes. You must try to eat them all to develop your length more quickly.

In-game features

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Chrome Extension

Add on Chrome

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