If you want to vanquish all challenges and opponent snakes in Slither.io game, you must check out some of useful tips and strategies. Use them to your advantage!

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May 26, 2016

Slitherio Cheats

If you want to conquer all challenges in Slither.io game, especially when you bump into giant opponent snakes, you must utilize some cheats and strategies to survive and beat them up! Learning cheats when playing this snake game will help you tackle with all dangers and problems in the game. As you know, Slither.io game is somewhat similar to Agar.io. It focuses on controlling a tiny character and try to help it grow up by swallowing the smaller targets around. The game allows various players all over the world to come and join the same game arena, so it will be a high chance for you to bump into the opponent snakes. These cheats below here will bring you awesome tips and a little bit guidance on how to avoid the attacks of the enemies, as well as how to become the longest snake on the leaderboard!

Slitherio Cheats

Useful tips and tricks for your snake

Speed boosting

Trying to get the enemy snakes trapped is also a method to get rid of them from the game. To do that, you must know how to bait them well. Speeding up your snake can be your help here! You must tap on the screen twice or hold the left mouse to make a speed boost. When you are boosting the speed, your snake will glow, and it will move very quickly. But, you need to keep in mind that speed boosting can reduce your current mass, meaning the length of your snake will be shorter. While you are moving with the speed boost, there will be some smaller pellets released behind too. The length of your snake will be reduced for roughly 5 per second. Try to protect your snake when carrying out this trick.

Keep your snake out of reach of another enemy snake in order to increase more easily.

In the game, you can take a look at a circle at the bottom right corner of the screen. That thing is known as a mini map with a little dot in there. That dot is you! And it will show your present location in the game. You must view it frequently to check out your current area. With that mini map, you will find it easier to move around the map, especially when you are in a place that is filled with other snakes. Also, you can figure out the location that is having the conflict so that you can avoid it and move to the far-off places. Then, you can go chase other pellets freely!

Go behind another opponent snake to obtain more pellets.

Once you grow up and have enough length, you can go kill other snakes to earn more pellets! Speed boosting can be your strategy to destroy the opponents, with it, you can easily deliver some surprised attacks to those enemies. Also, you probably heard the turning speed that is kind of slow, and it totally counts on the current position you tap. You can try to go alongside the enemy, snatch up a chance to speed up very fast so that you can get past them and force them to crash into your body. Using this trick can help you annihilate the opponent snake, and no chance for them to make a counter attack!

Stay watchful when you turn larger

When you turn larger, the target will also become bigger on your back. There will be other enemy snakes making an effort to annihilate you, therefore, staying watchful to them is a must do! You have to be smarter than them! If you have enough length to spare, you can go surround and trap another enemy easily. In addition, you must understand that you can’t rush into your body, and when you turn giant, you won’t be able to trap yourself. Try to be aware of other tiny snakes. For snakes that have lesser length, they will have a somewhat flexibility around your head!

Be a scavenger

If you see there are two other snakes making an effort to kill each other in front of you, you can move to them but just don’t come too closer. When they are done killing each other, whoever dies, you just get in and swallow their pellets. If you know how to eat all of them faster without crashing into the opponent snake, you can get bigger very quickly. However, you must be careful with other snakes that can come behind you!

In-game features

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