Do you know how to fix lags problem in game? Let’s explore some of the useful steps to reduce lags in several browsers, and you can follow them to repair this issue.

Slither Publisher
June 10, 2016

Lag problem has become more and more popular in game, there are plenty of players who had experienced this issue when they first spawned the game. Obviously, no one likes enjoying the game with so much lag, right? Lagging can easily cause your game to come to an end, especially when you make a speed boost. It’s always a high chance for your snake to go die when lag happens to your browser. Therefore, you should check this tutorial out to find out ways to resolve and fix the lag problem in your game.

Repairing Lag issue in Android

There are some of the ways for you to use when repairing lags on your Android device:

Clear App Data

Occasionally, because of cache and other different data, the lag will occur to your game. All you have to do is to clear your data of app, check out these following steps:

  1. Open Settings and tap on Apps
  2. Tap “All” tab
  3. Find
  4. Select it and then Clear data option will appear, tap it
  5. Done!

Repairing Lag issue in Windows

If you are playing in Windows and lags happen, don’t worry, you can fix that problem by following these steps below:

Clear Cache

Cache can be known as the main reason to cause the lags. Therefore, you should always clear the cache and cookies. You can try using CCleaner to “tidy” your cache and cookies. Then, you will check out following instructions

Google Chrome

  1. There are 3 horizontal lines on the peak right of the browser, click on them
  2. Choose Settings
  3. Select History option
  4. Click “Clear Browsing Data”
  5. Ensure that you choose “the beginning of time” selection
  6. Select Clear Browsing Data.


  • Select Menu Button, and select History
  • Then choose “Clear Recent History.”

Utilize Incognito Mode

Incognito Mod is viewed as Private Browsing in which you can’t load some of themes, add-on, extension and other plugins; this mod will help you in browsing better. This feature is in all the browsers. If you are a Google Chrome user, you need to hold key Ctrl + Shift+ N at the same time. For a Firefox user, go to your Preferences and search for Private Browsing. For those who are utilizing other browsers, you should take a look at your settings so that you can seek to the Private Browsing option

Activate Low-Quality Mode Graphics Settings

There is an option shown at the top right of the homepage screen. That is the place you can switch your graphic preferences. If lag is occurring to your game, just utilizing the Low-Quality mode, your problem will be repaired

Play the game in Other Browsers

There will be times that your browser has to fight to load FPS game. Therefore, you should try other browsers. You can utilize Google Chrome because the lag issue doesn’t happen there too much. For those who are using Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and so forth, they can try using Google Chrome.

Establish Priority to High

If you want game to be loaded more smoothly, you need to adjust your browser at a maximum priority. You can use some of the steps below: Fix Lags
  • Find Task Manager or click right mouse on menu bar in your Windows
  • When you open the Task Manager, select Details tab
  • The browser process will appear, click right mouse on it, move the mouse to Resource value, then adjust it to High

If this problem still goes on, you need to enhance your internet connect and get a fair speed.
These methods mentioned above have been tested so far, and the results showed that they kind of worked very well and the lag was extremely reduced. If lag still happens to you, you need to wait for having something better, and plus, are being added more servers, and more upgrades, more improvements will be introduced in the game too, so hopefully, the lag issue will vanish forever.

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