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May 13, 2016

Slitherio Length

Slitherio LengthLength is considered as a feature that will have an effect on your snake in game. If you want to know how large and long your snake is, just look at the length indicator in the bottom left of the screen. The game centers on survival and strategic skills to prolong your life in such a brutal game arena filled with skilled players. Therefore, developing the length of your snake is extremely important. To get longer, you must wander around the arena and try to absorb the glowing pellets as much as possible. The more you eat, the longer you are! Also, you can try to get the dead pellets dropped by the killed snakes. If you eat their dead fragments, your length will be increased faster!
The length also influences on the speed and radius when you are turning. For a bigger snake, the turning speed will be slower, and their turning radius will be larger.
Also, your sight in the game will be affected by the length. If you zoom out, your size and length will become bigger. The speed of zooming out will be very slow. Therefore, the beginners can have a diminutive vision, even when they are done eating a lot.

Ranking and Leaderboard

Now, you can see your rank on the server in the game. There will be a phrase saying “X of Y Players,” meaning X is your current rank, and Y is an entire number of players joining the game at the same time.
10 biggest and longest snakes that are in the same game arena will be displayed on the leaderboard.

In-game features

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