Are you up for a new version of mod? Now you can explore more about it along with basic steps on how to install and uninstall the userscripts in Google Chrome for the game!

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May 10, 2016

Slitherio Mod New Version

Slitherio Mod New Version

A new version for mode is finally here! This brand new extension is considered as a wonderful blend between mods and hacks. With this new version, you will surely get more interests and joyful moments in the game. Also, there are some of new features awaiting you ahead!

New Version for Mod

The mod is just a script that can change the client of the game who doesn’t require more updates; the mod will not have cheats either. This one was made in order to give players an easier way for them to have access, even though it was known as a Tampermonkey script at the beginning.

If you want to be a little bit mean, you can select to obtain an unfair road and select to modify the game by utilizing hacks and advantages. Using this will bring you such an easier way to conquer. You are not required to execute any skill, you just simply get the hacks installed before playing. This will allow you to zoom in or out easily, and you will see more players before they see you.

If you are searching for Mods, with “slither io”, or “slitherio” in order to alter the game, which can let you play it easily, but you don’t get any unfair benefits, you can discover this category. Also, you can find out more features, such as graphics quality mods, background changers and much more.

Slitherio Mods

Install user scripts in Google Chrome

Step 1: Have Tampermonkey extension opened and begin to install it. When you accomplish the installation, there will be a Tampermonkey icon button at the top right of the screen, and it’s so nearby the Menu

Step 2: Go to Download Now button, select the install button

Step 3: There will be a question popping up and asking if you want to install the script, click OK button, then hit again to admit that installation.

Step 4: Start refreshing the page if you want to have the immediate effect. Click Tampermonkey icon then go to Dashboard if you want to edit the script. Now, you will see the whole list of userscripts. Select one of them and start changing it! After that, you have to save all the changes you made.

Uninstall user scripts in Google Chrome

Step 1: Click on Tampermonkey icon at the menu bar then you will go to Tampermonkey Dashboard, pick Dashboard

Step 2: There is a list of user scripts popping up. Now, you will find the one that you want to remove; then you will select Delete button

Step 3: Hit the OK button to verify the deletion, the user script will not turn up on Dashboard anymore.

In-game Features and controls

You can find out more amazing features that have just been added to the game and learn more about how to control some of them. Click the link below for further information now!

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