Explore several awesome surveillances in Slither.io game to learn more details about this game before playing! You can even check out the bots in the game as well.

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May 18, 2016

Slitherio Observations

Slither.io game is a famous snake game that is very challenging and competitive to play. For those who are just beginners, they will find it hard and very tough to conquer this game. But no need to worry about that! Some of the observations below will become a big help for you.

Slitherio Observations

Common details

  • The map in the game is very big. If you crash into the borders unintentionally, you will get exploded, and nothing will be left behind
  • When you are killed after crashing into another snake, the dead fragments of your snake will be approximately 20-23 % of the mass you achieved when getting killed.
  • There is no hall in the game, but you will find several different rooms. If you want to change, you have to refresh the browser
  • You should go to the map where funs and more challenges are there. You won’t be able to meet another snake at the corner unless the room is very full
  • The big colorful pellets that wander around the map and always run away from you have around 50-60 mass.
  • The other pellets usually scatter around the players; they will increase the size over time, which starts from 1 to approximately 20.
  • The dead fragments dropped by the destroyed snakes consist of larger cells with a mass of around 10-40
  • When there is a snake being inside of another one, you can keep an eye on them. Probably, the outside snake can make a fault, and then it will leave a mass for you and the inside snake.
  • Speed boosting will make your length decrease, and the boost remaining will be about 30% of mass that was lost while you are speeding up. If you make a speed boost in a circle, all the mass you gained will be vanished.
  • When you exit the game, and you’re not dead yet, (like when you shut the browser or leave the game), you snake will be controlled by a bot
  • When it’s late, there will be more additional bots that were sent out to hold the snake and maintain its life. This could be because the radius of ring will never change, and very few players to engage in the game at night

The Bots in Slither.io game

Bots are known as a character in the game, consisting of several common features.

They move around the game arena in zigzag lines
When they’re nearby the other opponent snakes, they will try to dodge them no matter what

If they are near the head of another snake, they will go forward and move faster to cut that snake off. And they will not speed up when doing that
When being surrounded by the enemies, they will go around in circles. If there is a head trying to approach them closer, they will gradually escape away from that circle

When the bots get encircled, for example when you drop a small on purpose, but you are big enough to make an escape, the gap is unlocked, they will try for that gap because it will have to the least 45 degrees broad for them to flee

If there is a snake that is already killed, they will not accelerate and try to grab all those mass. They will pick up each fifth pellet that they see if the number of the pellets is so low and their quality is good.

They never try to encircle you

They are discrepant from the direction which they are already aimed for:

The ones who control the snakes from the gamers that left the game will move toward the edges of the map, running into it straightly to remove all the mass of players.

The ones that try to duplicate a common player who appeared once a number of real players reach down to a certain number, they won’t head toward for the specific direction, though they can wander off the surroundings. If being alone, they usually stop going around in circles. They never perform a speed boosting.

The insane ones who were just appeared, they will speed up which will prolong around 20 to 40 seconds. They will not stop boosting. They usually complete tracking their tail, but if they catch sight of any enemy head that is close to them, they will go for that head, giving such a dangerous case for that snake.

After finishing, it will take them around 2 minutes until the next boosting madness. Somewhere during their eruption, they perform the actions, which is just like the second sort of bots

The amount of bots that are just born can come out a lot when the night comes. There are so many names of those bots that you can explore from the list name below here. This is just like the name from every single room:

  • cure
  • holy angel
  • ASCII rider 2
  • MuSiC
  • cico
  • chost
  • pepe 2
  • Angie
  • Neuro
  • Gumby
  • Evil Snake
  • Radial flora
  • Trauma
  • RuTHLeSS
  • Special snowflake
  • BaRt
  • Straight Edge
  • FoXX
  • ADIDAS 2
  • StuSSy 5
  • infection
  • Filth
  • Chaos
  • HUGo
  • Banksy
  • Smack
  • The great gatsby
  • Demention
  • Marvin
  • Wind Dragon
  • adio
  • Delphinio
  • Hypah (the name of the creator)

The bots almost don’t try to escape away the enemies when being encircled, but there is still a chance to “farm” the bots, causing easy food and a broad extra mass even though it’s kind of slow.

In-game features and controls

There are some of the features updated in Slither.io mods. Click the link below to explore all of them for your own experience!

Chrome Extension

Add Slither.io on Chrome

You can explore the Chrome Extension for Slither.io mod to experience more features and find out new info of the game.

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