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Slitherio Review

Jump to game to earn yourself good gaming experiences now! The game is more and more popular all over Internet due to its addictive and exclusive gameplay as well as amazing features. Along with, the game has also been a new phenomenon these days, and it’s still catching the attention of thousands of players every single day. In, you will play as a small snake, and you are supposed to increase its length by moving around the game arena to hunt for food. The game is currently playable on both PC and mobile devices. So if you are a big fan of survival and strategy games, you should check this game out for more experiences! Also, you can discover various fantastic features added to too.

Slitherio Review

The gameplay of

After getting into the game arena, you will start off being a small snake moving around to hunt for “food”. The “food” in the game means glowing pellets that scatter around the arena. You must go absorb them as much as possible in order to grow up and increase your size. However, your food quest is not easy at all! Remember that is a multiplayer game, so it’s a high chance for you to bump into the opponent snakes controlled by real players. If you catch sight of them roaming around your snake, you must try to avoid crashing into their bodies. Otherwise, you will get blown up, resulting in a game over. That’s also a rule of game! Different from, normally, you will have to stay away from the giant enemies because you might be afraid that they will eat you, but in, you don’t have to run away from them! All snakes can kill each other by causing the crash between them! This means that even a tiny snake can kill the giant one if it does have a good strategy to lure the enemy and force them to crash into it. Obviously, everything is possible to happen in game! Even just only a slight mistake is enough to turn everything you gained into nothing in a bit if you are not careful. Due to this exclusive but brutal rule, the game becomes more and more appealing and very fun to play.

While you are in a game arena, you have to take control of your snake to roam around the map and try to swallow as many pellets as possible. The more you absorb, the bigger and longer you are! You can freely go eat those targets when you are alone. But then, if you see a coil from an enormous snake that is close to you, you must stay calm and avoid running into it. Try to prepare a possible tactic and trick so that you can bait that snake and force it to crash into you. If you don’t have any strategy, you will be surrounded and destroyed by the opponent.

You must try to eat more and more pellets to develop the length of your snake. You can try to eat them more quickly while making an effort to avoid getting stuck and circled by the enemies.

Slitherio Review

Platforms for game

You should try to play game on PC platform due to the nice and improved visibility. If you use PC, you can move your snake utilizing the mouse, and it can roam around the game arena well. For making a speed boost, you need to hold the left mouse for a bit. The screen on PC will be very large, and it will help you gain a better sight when you are in a location filled with snakes. You may find it kinda funky when using the mouse, but it can keep your snake stable and easy to move.

For those who are enjoying the game on mobile devices, especially they have big touchscreens, you sometimes get confused when using your finger to tap on the screen for moving the snake. Also, the turning can be very hard to control, and you will easily lose your sight. If things gradually become intricate, try to search for a way to flee away as soon as you can will keep you up and excited when you play! Surely you always want to become the number 1 on the leaderboard, but it will take very long to fulfill that, and you have to use lots of nice strategies!

To sum up, game will give you a lot of interests and amazing moments. You can gain good experiences when playing it. So, right now, be prepared to jump to it and show off your skills!

Slitherio Review

In-game features

Now you can explore various new features in mod. Those features have just been added to the game recently:

Features in mod

Chrome Extension

To use and add those features to your game, you have to utilize the Chrome Extension of mod. Find out more about it with this link below:

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