It’s time to find out a list of Server IP address in game! Now, you can connect to one of them using the userscripts and also, you can deal with the lag issue!

Slitherio Server IP address

Are you ready to check out the new list of server IP address in game? There are Slitherio Server IP addresslots of server IP addresses which are currently approachable. You can use discrepant
userscripts or “forceServer (ip, port);” javascripts to join them. However, if you engage in a random server, it can be a slow one or the one which is extremely far, hence, it will be easy for lag to happen because it may take longer to receive data. If you want to reload, it can engage in a quicker server, and the game will choose a random one for you. Thanks to that, you won’t have to undergo more lag. Sometimes, the game can become very laggy due to the growth. The development team of the game is trying to fix this lag issue, and they also try to attach more servers to the game. Anyway, all problems will be resolved! So you don’t have to worry about them as much!

In-game features

Remember to check out new cool features that were just added to mod. They are already approachable and useable in the game.

Features in mod

Chrome Extension

Also, you must check the Chrome Extension out of mod so that you can utilize those features in the game. Click the link for further information.Add Chrome Extension

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