Find out steps to unlock all new skins in game! Those steps are very easy and simple to fulfill; you can get a whole new list of skins for your snake!

Slither Publisher
May 25, 2016

Slitherio Skins Unlock

Do you want to check out all the skins in game? With the new skins, you can renew the outside look of you snake and make it more amazing. In, if you want to explore all of them, you must know how to unlock the skins for your own usage. So, follow the basic steps below now!

  • Go to homepage
  • Click one of the share buttons at the bottom right of screen. You can “Share on Facebook” or “Share on Twitter.”
  • One of those social platforms will be open in front of you. You can adjust the mode, and choose “only me” before posting it on your timeline. Don’t worry; the skins are still unlocked even if you select “only me”
  • Now, a blank page will appear, no need to wait for it, just return to your homepage and explore the list of snake skins

In-game features

Now, you can check out new features of the mod! Explore all of them by clicking this link here.

Chrome Extension Mods on Chrome

Chrome Extension is very useful! You need to utilize it in mod to experience and use the new features in the game, check it out.

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