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May 16, 2016

Slitherio Strategies

Slitherio StrategiesHave you equipped yourself with useful tips, tricks and nice strategies to conquer all dangers and opponent snakes in game online? Most of players want to rank up their position and be the most powerful snake on leaderboard. However, to do that, You will have to learn various helpful strategies for your goal. So, let’s find out the strategies for game!


Use these aggressive strategies to destroy other enemy snakes brutally

Blocking off opponents

During game, you can make a good use of speed boosting to appear right in the front of an opponent instantly. The enemy will be forced to run into you and get exploded when you do that, dropping various pellets behind. Just try to grab them as much as you can, eat them more to develop your length. This cut-off strategy can be applied for any snakes, even if you are just a small one, you still can block their way and kill them. But, you have to be careful for another snake nearby making an effort to create a speed boost. They can traverse your way and force you to crash into them.


This is known as a popular strategy that most of big snakes utilize to kill the opponents. If you continue moving, the coil will constrict, making it very tough or defenseless for an opponent to avoid running into you. Plus, with this strategy, you will totally swallow all the pellets right inside, no other snakes can steal them! But, you must know that you will be very powerless to a larger snake trying to swirl and circle you. If you are a snake that is large enough, you can swirl around a snake which is making an effort to swirl a player. If you can’t make a complete loop, it’s still a low chance for your aimed target to get out of the game, and block your road then kill you.


When you become longer, this strategy can be the best one! After being destroyed, you will take your leave and make as if you won’t come back, rather than pick up all the remains. You can create a big wide loop back onto yourself, then finally there will be a certain snake taking that lure and you can start swirling it.


The protective strategies will center on survival


When there is an opponent snake making an effort to get you stuck, you can swirl ahead of it a bit to block their paths of surrounding. No need to worry if they stay back then come back with a b speed boosting, you just simple keep doing your work. You won’t get exploded if you scratch the body of the opponent, you can use it and continue pushing them off until they have to halt.


This can be another strategy centering on the comeback and using your own tail as a protection from the enemies. Defensing can be very useful, however, sometimes you may become powerless to larger snakes coiling around you.
Protective surrounding
You should wander around a game arena in a small circle when you are in a location that is filled with various snakes. Your movement will also become very perilous too. This strategy can be utilized when you are in the center of two snakes. Protective surrounding will be your advantage if you know how to use it well. It will defend yourself, making other snakes difficult to coil around the circling player.


These strategies focus on interactions of different players.


Make an effort to absorb all the tasty pellets from killed snakes! You don’t have to kill them actively, just feel free and go eat for your snake!


Stalking a bigger snake in order to achieve all their dead pellets when they get exploded is called tailing. This strategy can be very interesting! You can go behind the larger snakes and wait for a chance to grab all their fragments after being killed. However, tailing will become very dangerous to you if you are just a tiny snake. The opponent snake that is being tailed might counterattack you by cutting the paths or coiling them.


This strategy centers on obstructing a snake between two other ones. Normally, the players will move along with a larger snake to snatch them up in time and clog them up. If you have enough length and you are very careful, you can use this one, grab a chance and move forward the larger snake. The middle snake will be forced to run into you and then get exploded.

In-game features

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