If you want to become the strongest snake when playing Slither.io, you must check out various wonderful tips and tricks. Learning them will help you vanquish all enemies and defend yourself!

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May 17, 2016

Slitherio Tips & Tricks

Slitherio Tips Tricks

If you want to become the most powerful and longest snake in Slither.io game, you are highly recommended to take a look at some of basic useful tips and tricks. Once learning all these cheats, you will be able to tackle with the dangerous challenges and threats surrounding you in the game arena. Also, this can be good strategies to help you kill the enemy snakes.

Useful tips and tricks

A giant snake won’t have any firm assurance of surviving longer on the game. Slither.io is the game that everything is extremely possible to happen. You don’t have to worry if you are just a small snake. If you do equip yourself with nice tactics, you can totally defeat the giant ones. In Slither.io game, the smallest snake can get the largest one blown up if it utilizes a proper circumstance or a condition to make the giant one crash into it.

When you become larger, you can perform a trick to step back further from the heart of the map and utilize a conservative strategy

In Slither.io, the length of your snake will not be vanished over time. Therefore, you can take your time wandering around the game arena then you can eat up the pellets later. Just feel free to enjoy the tour!

A popular tactic that can be used by most of the players is called coiling. With this tactic, you can use your own length to form a full circle and surround an opponent snake. After that, you can gently repress them until crashing into you is only their choice. But when you make a long twist, you will become a diminutive tiny and turn very powerless to being swirled yourself.

You can use coiling to circle a big group of glowing pellets, and other opponent snakes won’t be able to eat them when you circle like that
You will have to spend an amount of time for twisting. It can be very useful to halt the swirling in some cases if the pellets are so close to your snake.
You don’t have to be afraid when your come across your tail. In Slither.io game, you can totally cross your own tail without worrying about any dangers. You can utilize this tip to escape away from an opponent snake that gets in your way, or when they are trying to take over a large amount of pellets right in front of you

Using the other snake’s tails can be very useful to your snake too. You can create a combination of the others and your tail to stop and clog up the third opponent.

You need to be watchful to the opponent snakes that have the identical color and size to your snake. Because if you don’t, you will probably think that you are traversing your own tail to chase an opponent, and it will lead your game to an end easily.

Safeguarding uses of speed boost contain running away from the perilous locations, from being swirled for instance. This tactic can be utilized to lure or scare other enemy snakes away, and prevent them from gathering the glowing pellets, or get them down from trying to halt you.

Speed boosting will not have an effect on the turning speed. Actually, when you perform a speed boost, the turning circle will be very large. Whenever you want a speed boost, especially beginning from the opposing direction, you are supposed to begin speeding up right after turning your snake around

When you reach over 10,000 mass, you need to go around and generate a big circle, then carry on encircling. Doing that will help you in staying away from danger! You will feel very safe to escape away the threats inside of that circle, even though you can experience being twisted by other enemies. But when there is no threat nearby, you can totally eat up the pellets.

Don’t play with another enemy snake! They can totally counterattack you when the right chance comes. Therefore, you need to think about this strategy wisely, especially when you want to swallow dead fragments of a killed snake.

When you are swallowing dead fragments, you have to switch the direction and escape away if you see another enemy turning up from the opposite direction

If you are still a diminutive snake, it will be more perilous for you to make a speed boost when you want to swallow the killed snake. The short snake will have a more diminutive vision.

Horizontal vision is extremely big; it’s even bigger than the vertical one. Therefore, making a speed boost when moving up or down will be very dangerous.

When playing Slither.io in the browser, you need to alter the size of the screen. If you customize it, the screen will zoom out a little bit; the sight distance will be more equal from the snake to the vertical and horizontal corners.

In addition, there will be a mini-map shown in at the bottom right of the screen. Keep an eye on it very carefully. Once you do, you will know your current position, and it will stop you from touching the edge of the map. Otherwise, you will get blown up!

When turning around, you are not allowed to traverse the center of the screen. You may get lost and have no idea about which direction you should go. If you are a big snake, it will be way too dangerous!

When you have a lag problem in the game, you can fix it by adjusting the graphics on the top right of the screen. Also, you can close the unessential tabs or apps which can stop the game from running fast

If your computer is kind of slow, when there is a snake that has just got killed, the game can be frozen; it can create a bunch of deadly locations full of other players.

In-game features

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