Are you ready to explore more wonderful updates in game? You can find out tips to deal with lag and troubleshooting issues in the game. Find them out now!

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May 24, 2016

Slitherio update

There are so many awesome updates that wait for you in game! If you are a big fan of this multiplayer snake game online, you must explore all of them to earn new experiences.

To make sure that all players have good gaming performance, the game developers have tried to enhance game by fixing some problems and bugs, as well as adding more servers to the game. Let’s find out now!

Lag issue

Lag issue or the latency of the internet can cause so many players to get annoyed and sometimes frustrated. The lag problem was create by the server framework. But at the moment, the game has added more servers in order to meet the requirements of worldwide players. There are some players contacting the development team of the game through emails, pointing out the problem that they had to face during the game. The development team has figured out the discrepant upstream routing issues in Australia and Europe. Perhaps, the link between Internet Provider and datacenter is being disappeared at somewhere in those locations
The servers are chosen for IPv4 addresses; there will be a slight lag that happens to IPv6 addressing when the computers must undergo a 6to4 delay. The LTE and other discrepant computers in the South East Asia location will be influenced too.

Troubleshooting issues

Being known as a game using a real-time feature, a nicely configured home network which can assist the WebSockets is highly required. Therefore, the players need to examine their network when they are about to the play game first. Some of other things can be the main reason to make the issues happen, for instances, an old-fashioned router, modem, inappropriate firewall, interrupted connection, and the wireless interference can generate the lag. Furthermore, other things like anti-virus, anti-malware, and ad-blocker programs can obstruct the WebSockets, causing the game to lag very much. A useful tool is being created to assist the players in figuring out the problems in the game.

Occasionally, the network administrators at the working office, public wifi or the school network can obstruct and clog up the website. If you want to play the game, you can go ask the administrator to unblock it.

Browser render lag can be another sort of lad that you may experience as well. You will meet this problem when your PC is trying to keep pace up with the game. You are suggested to turn off the add-ons, plugins, and the extensions or even disable them while you are playing the game. In addition, you make sure that all the tabs and other unnecessary programs are closed down to set free the memory of your PC. Don’t play the game using Internet Explorer; all other browsers are possible to play!

If you want to reduce render lag, you can go check a selection in the peak right of the screen. Select the low-graphics mode before entering the game. You will enjoy the game with just a simple graphic mode, and your computer will be able to run more quickly. Just select the low-quality graphics mode to fix the lag issues whenever you are in the game and so close to the bigger opponent snakes.

Mobile app

The mobile app will also have optimization as well. Several issues that can happen, such as lockups/random freezing when you come across such giant snakes, the “rate this app” thing keeps popping up which can interrupt your game. The development team is putting their effort into fixing those problems so that you will enjoy the game smoothly.

Also, two new features will be added to the mobile app as well, check out now:

  • Offline mode: Play the game with offline mode to battle against the AI enemies
  • Ad-free mode: The ads can be removed if you utilize the in-app option

The features are forthcoming.
New, different skins will be added to the game too
Also, there will be a joystick-style control in the mobile app
You can make a speed boost with spacebar, or you can use the mouse too
The features mentioned above are the ones that development team are working on. More features will come out soon and will be presented in the game. Just stay tuned and wait for them! Tutorial

Alright, if you want to know how to obtain the custom skins, you can check the short guidance below for further information:

In-game features

Also, don’t forget to check out exclusive features that have just been added to mod! See all of them with the link here.

Chrome Extension Mods on Chrome

In addition, you must check out the Chrome Extension of mod if you want to utilize the features in the game. Find it out with the link here.

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