Guide to online allows players to experience the game immediately on the website without downloading anything. As long as you have got a stable Internet connection, your break time will be endlessly fun.

Slither style promotes web-browser multiplayer games where anyone could join the hunting and be the winner. It is no combat, but people turning into snake feed on the same ground imposes quite a competitive atmosphere.

To play online, there are some differences from the Snake. You are not the only one wandering on this map but other human-controlled snakes. To win, you must gain size as much as possible while staying alive.

The Agario style looks easy, but believe us; you need a thorough guide before starting. And our tips will give you a heads up that you would thank to know.

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How to play Online

First of all, you cannot win if you don’t play. Hence, there is a quick guide to online and competing with other snakes.

Instantly play with a nickname.

You don’t have to download or register an account but play directly on the website. Get you a name without verification then you’re good to go. The title will stick with your snake so that you know where you are and track other players better.

Playing online leaves you no chance to opt for skin, except you log in with social media. However, we don’t recommend it since the different look with new skin doesn’t bring you any better capacity. But it may expose your data when you declare your account.

You will play as a snake on a big map where other players are also feeding and gaining size. There is no starting or ending time, so when you arrive, some snakes are already enormous when some are as small as you. But don’t worry since you will pick up the speed soon using our guide to online

Manipulate in 3 modes

You can use the mouse to control the snake or touch the screen if you play on the touchpad. There are three modes for you to manipulate:

  • Arrow: touch or click on the map where you want the snake to scribble over. It’s the typical way to play with both finger and mouse.
  • Classic: tap and tap and tap instantly to make dots of direction you want to go. The snake will connect these dots.
  • Joystick: your thumb stays on a corner and moves slightly around to show a hint of the next move’s direction. It’s closest to mouse-like movement.

To boost the speed for a little, you can hold the left mouse or use the second key on the touchpad. Either way, the snake will move faster for a while, but this act results in some breaking down of the body, so don’t overuse it.

Guide to online to track performance

Unlike Snake, you have a map here, which is almost endless. The map is to show you where you are on the field and the density of the area. Therefore, you can plan where to go and what to do next.

View your performance

Even if you don’t log in with a valid account. You can track down your performance among the total players on the map at the moment. Pay your attention to the left-down corner, where you are among the total number of players, and your length display there.


Even though skin has nothing to do with the capacity of the snake but it matters the look. There are 66 options on in the game that you can change for free after you share the game.

You will get a random skin if you log without sharing the game online on Facebook/ Twitter. However, you can choose the skin, click back to the page and get it without actually sharing.

Some skins only appear when you reach a certain level. Hence, be looking forward to it!

Mods to play online on Mods

On the website, you encounter three mods to enjoy the game that no other sites have. Accessing the mods, you have the essential but necessary information about playing the game online with friends and opt for a new and mods script.

After setting the mods within your web-browser, you can play the game online with extreme fun. Now, you can join the party with other friends, or create a party for your own and invite others. Besides, players can change and customs snake’s skin to the unique design, which is different according to version.

Other features to change are background, graphics, server, and more, as well as tons of new functions to make your game more accessible. Mods

Guide to online to win

When you know about, there’s nothing to stop you from joining the competition. However, let’s hold tight a little longer and see through some advice from us. They will help if you are a newcomer.

The very significant difference between and Snake is how you die. Snakes in don’t die when they pump into their body parts but other snakes. Hence, you have to be careful in crowded spots.

Beside, Snake is 2D shooter while imposes beautiful 3D grahics. online snakes

Boosting and slamming

Since snakes only die when they pump into others, you can kill other snakes using a boosting tactic. To do so, you have to stay parallel with the snake you want to knock out, almost side by side. Then, you suddenly boost forward and turn near the head so that they have to pump into you without any chances to react. It works better with bulky snakes since they are harder to turn. Don’t forget to feed on yourself orbs from the dead snakes.

The cut you make must be sharp and fast so that your enemies cannot escape. However, you have to watch out for yourself since other players also know about this tip.


Since you don’t die when you cramp into yourself, why not make a coil all-around smaller snake? Boosting can be an early-day strategy, but coiling happens when your size is enough to make an inescapable coil. The circle needs to be big enough to jam the smaller enemy without touching your head into its body.

When the small snake gets jammed inside the coil, 90% will die and leave some orbs behind, don’t forget to take up these foods and gain even bigger.

Don’t you ever leave the guard down as there is always a bigger one who is plotting the same trap. When you notice the signal of the coil, escape right away!

Coiling around smaller snakes

Making use of orbs

When you have no strategy yet, eating up orbs on the way is the only way to gain size. Orbs happen anywhere on the map, but mostly many when giant snakes die. Therefore, you can stick around big ones and wait for that moment but always watch out if they do something to you.

Watching out

The only way for you to die is by pumping your head into other snakes’ bodies. Even you don’t fall into any trap that can happen around the feeding ground since the number of players is enormous. You can start with the border of the map where not so many snakes hang out. However, you have to mood up after all since the center gives more orbs. on iOs

Playing on iOS encounters some difficulties. You don’t get to use the joystick, and some lags could be on the way. The team is planning on expanding the modes as long as they fix the program to run smoothly. However, knowing about to play the game online will be the best solution to enjoy this snake game if you have Apple devices and care nothing about skins. This guide to online works on any basis.

Play on Android

If you are on Android, it’s the most convenient way to play this game online. Let’s keep in mind your goal and try from the beginning.

If you want to sway your snake to be the longest, act up on bigger enemies. Boosting or stalking can help you attack the gaint and eat up orbs they leave behind.

Get the smooth game on mobile online or dowload now!