Slither Publisher July 14, 2022
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How to play: Navigate the circular tile by hovering, Space button to split, and W for mass shooting

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About is inspired by the famous Agar original game with some improvements. Here, you will still control a circular cell for the purpose of continuously increasing size.

The gameplay of unblocked will not change too much compared to other io games. Moreover, you need to control the main character to increase in size by consuming smaller circular tiles. The larger the size, the higher the odds of winning in confrontations with the enemy.

The gameplay of this game is simple, but to win, takes a lot of factors. Not only do you control your circle to move smart, but this game also requires tactical elements throughout the game. You should focus on consuming small tiles until they reach a large enough size.

The highlight that makes this iO free game more attractive is that your circle cell can include smaller cells. The process of cell division will reduce the size, but in return, it will give you a better chance. The proper division of cells will be one of the factors that help you win.

If you want to make customizing your circle tile more interesting, use the skins provided. Initially, your circle tile is just a monochromatic icon. But fighting, you will accumulate enough points to unlock different images. Thereby, helping the main character stand out from the competition on the map. online is ready to bring you competitive moments with other competitors in the world. Although the gameplay is quite simple, you will need to upgrade to increase your survival rate. Moreover, you can also find some games with similar mechanics like Worms.Zone or Little Big Snake at our website.

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