Angry Snakes

Slither Publisher December 29, 2018
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How to play: Take control of your snake and move it using the mouse. Give it a speed boost by clicking the left mouse.

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About Angry Snakes

Angry Snakes

Angry Snakes is yet another fun snake-themed multiplayer game that you can access online for free. Before jumping into the arena, you can pick from a wide range of colors of snake, however, there is one special thing about the snakes, which is that they all bear the angry faces. You direct one around the map trying to eat a lot of dispersed glowing dots for increasing your size, which is very the same as You will come across so many opponent snakes at the same time. To slay all of them, you try to cross their path and force them to run into you. Once they have been eliminated, quickly eat up their dead remains to grow larger. Watch out for their attacks and always defend yourself from them, or else you will also end up dying. Don’t forget to make a speed boost to catch a prey or run away from danger, but if you speed up too much, your mass will be reduced over time, so use this feature wisely. The final goal for you is to become the best and the angriest snake in the entire playing field. Good luck!

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