Angry Worms

Slither Publisher December 28, 2018
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How to play: Use the mouse for the worm’s movement. Use the left/right mouse buttons to make a speed boost.

About Angry Worms

Angry Worms

If you are truly into snake games online, then don’t skip one called Angry Worms – an epic Slither-inspired web-browser with upgraded graphics and effects. In, you take on the role of an angry and hostile worm roaming through a big map with an objective which is to grow bigger as well as absorb all other worms in the arena. There are so many glowing objects dispersed on the floor. You should absorb them all to increase your size then you can make use of your long body to slay other enemies easily. You are able to block their head with the body, force them to run into your body, killing them instantly. At the same time, you must defend your head from crashing into others, or else it will be a game over for you. You start as a small worm but have to end up being the largest worm in the entire arena. Give it a shot!

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