Asteroid Anarchy

Slither Publisher December 27, 2019
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How to play: Press WASD or Arrow keys to turn and thrust, F or Space to fire

About Asteroid Anarchy

Asteroid Anarchy

Asteroid Anarchy is a 2D multiplayer battle royale io game. Explore a new asteroids field and fight against all enemies. Do not let any human opponent or bots kill you! Otherwise, you will lose every achievement. Before you take over the leaderboard, you’d better survive and gain the highest score.

The point in Asteroid Anarchy unblocked will come from eliminating the rivals and collecting crystals with ores. It is a fast-paced competition. So, it is not easy to pick up what you want. Try to mine small planets in Asteroid Anarchy online carefully! Remember that the weapon will be able to shoot automatically! It can help you defend better. For every 10 gems, your ship will obtain an upgrade. The stuff will be chosen at random. It can increase the number of shots, add cargo space, or improve the mining capability. Play the match and learn how to manage resources now!

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