Slither Publisher September 12, 2020
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How to play: Use the mouse to control and interact with the in-game objects in the game.

About unblocked is a fun strategy io game in which you have to select your meme characters and use your strategies to position them to outplay other players. The game was released in August 2019 by Piotr Koniecko and Sairento. It is compatible with the web browser, and you can play it online for free on Slither-io.

There are some stages you will go through when playing game for free. The first stage is planning! This is the stage where you will do the most and players will get assigned in pairs. You have to position your memes on the board strategically. For the cards, they require mana to place, and the mama limit increases with every turn played. The next stage is battle! You have to place your meme characters on both of the enemies’ boards. The positioned characters will fight one another. The winner obtains coins while the loser gets fewer coins and his health is decreased. In the leveling up stage, if you have obtained 3 cards of the same meme, these cards combine into one of higher rank and the highest rank in the game is 3. Don’t forget to take part in an auction after a few battles. In case you have been defeated, you will become a spectator watching the next battles. The goal for you in online is to beat all opponents!

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