Slither Publisher April 22, 2022
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How to play: Use the arrow buttons or WASD to navigate the character move, Z/X or J/K button to activate special ability Upgrade stats by using buttons from 1 - 5

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About Avoids.io


Avoids.io unblocked is a web browser multiplayer obstacle course game. Your task is quite simple, that is to adjust the dot to move forward and to the destination safely.

Challenges are waiting for you to discover in this fascinating io game. You need to over dangerous obstacles to try to reach the finish line safely. In the beginning, everything is easy to complete to help you approach. But more obstacles in the next levels will confuse you.

On the way to move will appear a lot of energy dots, you should collect them to help the character level up. Each level allows you to upgrade your character’s stats. Includes movement speed stats, regeneration ability, and many other skills. So, you can use the special skills to complete the challenge.

This game allows you to join with other players around the world. They will be your teammates throughout the game, so work well together to increase the winning rate. Unlike other multiplayer io games, Avoids io allows teammates to rescue each other by moving closer.

Besides, there are 40 different areas with increasing difficulty waiting for you to explore in this exciting game. Each area is completed, and you will unlock a new hero with a better visual. Remember that you need to create a new account to unlock the hero.

Play Avoids.io free online, you will have the opportunity to test your control ability. All obstacles in each level will increase the speed of movement requiring you to keep your concentration high. So, just a moment of carelessness, you will lose when touched by them.

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