Slither Publisher July 13, 2018
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How to play: Direct your character using the mouse. Click the right mouse or key C for dashing. Use the left mouse to speed up, press key X to brake, use key F for changing the camera.

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About is a team-based sports IO game online that challenges your soccer playing skill. You will join the red team or the blue team, then, start dribbling the ball into the goal of the rival team to score points. The gameplay sounds simple, but it won’t be easy to master as the enemies won’t leave you alone to score. Therefore, you must work with your teammates, perform your excellent skills, use the strategies so as to outsmart the enemy team. Keep an eye on the power bar shown at the bottom. It will run out through over time, so you need you to refill it by picking up lots of energy circles dispersed on the pitch. Make good use of this power bar once it’s full so you can kick the ball into the enemy goal more easily. You must lead your team to the final victory and become the best soccer player of all!

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