Slither Publisher May 11, 2018
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How to play: Use the left mouse button to attack, and use the right mouse button to dash attack.

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About Battlz.Club


You think you’re good at fighting? Let’s perform your fighting skill in a great browser-based game called Battlz.Club! You will engage in a fighting club as a member whose mission is to fight against lots of other enemies in order to loot their souls. With a lot of souls you gathered, you will be able to rise up to the top rank on the leaderboard, also, you will be titled as the most skilled member in the club too. Try your hardest to knock back your rivals into the fireballs so you can get their souls easily. Another thing you need to do is to gather energy orbs that are dispersed around the map. Your dash meter will be filled up these orbs. It’s true to say that an attack is stronger than a dash attack, however, if you have a dash attack, you can knock the enemies a bit farther. In addition, dash can be used to get away from a fireball that is closing in on you. Will you achieve your goal? Play it now!

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