Slither Publisher December 23, 2020
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How to play: Use the mouse for your monster's movement in the arena.

About online is set in a world of monsters, where players have to eat and fight to survive. Play it and try your best to defeat all enemy monsters!

When you spawn in the arena of unblocked, you see that there is a big battle right in front of you. Other monsters are attempting to find and eat food to increase their sizes. Hence, you will embark on the food quest to quickly grow your size. Nothing is more important than a big size at this stage. So, try to focus on getting big then you will find it easier to defeat others.

To eat enemies in this io game, you have to be bigger than them. Eat them fast before someone bigger eats you. Remember to use a teleport portal to avoid obstacles or change the scenery. You should watch out for the monsters that are bigger than you because they will defeat you. Hence, make sure you dodge all of them and use your smart strategies to outplay them. There can be only one biggest monster on the leaderboard! Play game now!

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