Slither Publisher January 9, 2020
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How to play: Use WASD to move the cell, Space to split

About is regarded as the first 3D iO game based on Agario style. Discover a dangerous world with multiple hostile blobs free and rule the new map by being the biggest creature.

Like Earth, you can see a lot of trees on the ground of online. They can hinder your path and help your enemies harder to catch you. After choosing the nearest server to connect, you are able to start your adventure. It is essential for you to eat food and play down smaller rivals! Your mass and ranks will be increased once you consume them. Always evade bigger foes in unblocked or you will be killed! Similar to the original, you are allowed to split into some pieces. It is a fun ability that can improve your movement speed. Be careful! Avoid predators when you are going to perform that or they will sprint to capture your cell! Try to survive and enlarge to dominate! Good luck!

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