Slither Publisher October 15, 2018
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How to play: Bite your enemies using the left mouse or spacebar. Press key W or click the right mouse for dashing.


In game, you have to go kill all enemies by biting them quickly while protecting yourself from being bitten back. This is such a cruel fight set in a huge arena where all players have to destroy each other for their survival. At first, you are small cute monster roaming through the map hunting down the rivals then quickly destroy them all to increase your size. The more monsters you consume, the larger you are. Ensure that you only eat the ones that are smaller than you, when you come across the big guys, you must avoid getting eaten by them, or else the game will be over. Feel free to eat many cookies to refill your health and drink enough water to regenerate your stamina. The goal here is to become the most dangerous monster in the land. To achieve it, you must play tactically and outwit your opponents. Good luck!


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