Slither Publisher January 10, 2020
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How to play: Choose the mouse to roam, A & D to rotate, W to shoot, Space to boost speed

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Play online for free and conquer the new iO game by being the biggest block! It’s available to access the official site immediately! Connect to the room and you can see multiple aggressive enemies there. You’d better outsmart all of them before you become the top player.

It’s feasible for you to start unblocked with collecting food! Tiny cubes and smaller opponents will be the main resources that allow you to grow in size. As the rules in, you will be eaten if you let a bigger rival get close to you. Although you can speed up, it may be too late to run away from that case. Aside from acceleration, you are able to shoot. However, you must perform your tricks carefully or you can be captured whenever. Try to survive and you will have the chance to enlarge or rank up! Join the racing and gain the highest score right now!

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