Slither Publisher October 30, 2019
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How to play: Aim and shoot with the mouse, press the arrow keys to move around the map.

About unblocked is a fascinating classic bombing game like Are you ready to become an aggressive Bomberman killing a lot of players coming from around the world? In this new tactical io game online, you will make your way through a huge arena, and you are armed with only one range weapon, so you must use it smartly to destroy other players before they have a chance to harm you. Unlike the previous bombing games, in this title you will aim and shoot down all enemies using your given weapon, not planting bombs on the ground to trap them. Therefore, you must take accurate shots as well as predict where they can go so you can collect kills. At the same time, protect yourself from the rival shots, or else you will be destroyed. As you play, you will have a chance to unlock better weapons to power up yourself for tougher encounters. Can you become the best Bomberman in free game? Much fun with it!

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