Slither Publisher August 6, 2018
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How to play: Use the left mouse to shoot laser and press spacebar to speed up.


Pilot your spaceship around in space to battle against many enemy spaceships in – an epic space combat game online keeping you engaged for sure. You become a pilot who must direct his spaceship carefully and use the dangerous laser to destroy the rival ships as well as many meteors floating around in space. You also have to gather a lot of crystals when flying around. These crystals will keep your laser powered. If you don’t collect them enough, you won’t be able to cut through other ships, which can cause your game to come to a failure. Not only do the crystals power your laser, but they also let you speed up your ship to catch targets or to get away from dangers. Try to play with good strategies to outsmart all opponents then work your way up the top of the leaderboard. Enjoy it now! Good luck to you!

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