Action Edition

Slither Publisher November 9, 2018
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How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD to move. Collect an item using key E. Drop an item using key G. Click left mouse to assault or use the items, use the right mouse to gather zombies.

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About Action Edition Action Edition Action Edition is an action-packed zombie strategy team-based game that is free to access in a browser. The game was made based on the original Pick a server that contains up to 50 players, then one will start as a zombie. His goal is to tag a lot of humans to spread the infection. You must run away from the zombie horde, collect debris with other materials to build a lot of shelters for yourself then you can hide in there. In case you get tagged, you will become a zombie, this time, your main objective is to go tag other humans to turn them into zombies as well. Work with your teammates all the time! Make your way through the city carefully, protect yourself and survive to lead your team to the final victory. Are you ready for the challenges? Let’s kick off the battle now!

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