Buzzy Bees

Slither Publisher December 19, 2019
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How to play: Use the left mouse button to interact with items or shoot, B to buy, T to find teams

About Buzzy Bees

Buzzy Bees

Buzzy Bees is one of the strategy iO games that you can play in teams. In the new multiplayer match online, you will have to collect as much pollen as possible. Not only that, you are required to build the biggest hives. Remember that other players also have the same goal!

The resource that you gather in Buzzy Bees unblocked will allow you to make Honey. By touching the flower, you will gain what you want for free. It’s simple to return it if necessary! You should choose the best place to set your base, too. Do not forget to expand your house! There is a shop like Ducklings’. It contains many different upgrades to buy. Note that you can encounter multiple enemies on the path. Don’t worry! Equip your bee with a stinger so he can shoot at the target. Further, you are allowed to loot and demolish their settlements. From the store, buy stronger units to increase your abilities! Good luck!

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