Slither Publisher July 11, 2018
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How to play: Just simply use the left mouse button to interact with objects and call for units.

About is a Tower Defense Strategy game where you become a commander of your military forces. Your main mission in this IO game is to protect your castle at all costs while trying to destroy the castle of your enemy. To do this, you must deploy your units in a strategic way, like swordsman, spearmen, horseman, catapults, and archers. They will help you wipe out the opponent if you control them smartly. You should also place some defenses, like mage towers, tesla towers, and walls. Your strategies are so important in the combat. Therefore, you need to prepare some in advance, then use them to outplay the rival. Do not let the enemy forces have a chance to destroy your castle, or else it will be a game over for you. Also, you should level up your forces to make them stronger than ever. Do you think you can rule the whole arena? Play it now!

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