Slither Publisher December 11, 2019
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How to play: Use WASD to move, number keys to change tools, E to craft, Shift to sneak, Q to drop, Shift Q to release more, LMB to put or perform other activities, Right mouse to detonate the thrown explosives Press LMB to break a block, RMB or Space on an enchantment table to enchant something

About is a fun-addicting free-for-all iO game based on It is a thrilling adventure set in a world like Minecraft. In which, you will meet up with multiple enemies, including zombies. Aside from playing against human competitors, you need to eliminate scary creatures before they harm you. They can appear at a time to rob and kill you.

In online, you must survive until you become the top player and more. On the map, it’s easy to search for ores, mine blocks, and collect resources. They are materials to craft various types of items such as tools or weapons. Especially, you do not forget to gather Gold. It is very useful to buy upgrades and improve your abilities for the next match unblocked. It’s feasible to sell them whenever you want. In addition to swords or armor, you can create TNT. Furthermore, try to farm and build a base to defend yourself at night! Hope you enjoyed!

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