Slither Publisher December 20, 2019
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How to play: Use WASD to move, 1 to build a castle, LMB to choose a tile, 2 to drop dynamite, Q to cancel all moves, E to remove the last one, Shift to split the army


It’s very simple to play with bots or join the new RPG iO game with a Battle Royale style match. Especially, you can experience a challenge against another rival as in The Duo mode is coming soon. Launch combat together with the chosen opponents and try to capture as many tiles as possible! It is a way to expand your territory and rank up.

Enjoy unblocked without account registration and you should not forget to defend your castle. With areas that you occupy, your army will have the chance to grow and improve their fighting ability. In online, you need to make use of your turns carefully. Aside from attacking commanders of the enemy faction, you must protect your leader until you dominate the leaderboard. It’s interesting to sneak around the competitor forces or head straight to the target! It’s time to engage and set the strongest team now!

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