Slither Publisher January 14, 2020
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How to play: Move your snake around the map using the mouse.

About Cool


What can a little snake do in a 3D snowy world full of enemy snakes? Play Cool unblocked for free right now then see if you can defeat all of them. You take on the role of a cool snake slithering through a huge arena collecting many power-ups to grow. These power-ups are easy to find on the ground, so quickly devour them all on your way. The more you eat, the bigger you will become, then you will realize how strong you are. You can ignore other enemies while hunting for power-ups, especially when you are not ready to fight with them because after all, saving your life is more important than fighting. But, if everything is ready, you can jump into the clashes to defeat all enemies. Use your big body to encircle them, speed up to outmaneuver them, and cut them off. They will die if they run into your body! Make sure you avoid running into theirs with your head, otherwise, you will be destroyed. Try to survive and grow your way to the top place on the leaderboard in Cool online!

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