Slither Publisher May 8, 2018
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How to play: Use the mouse to move your character. Click left mouse button to speed up.


Grab a chance to prove your driving skill in! Don’t skip this awesome Racing Strategy game if you are looking for an addictive browser-based racing IO game. You start to hop in a nice car, then drive it around the map to destroy all enemies. You are armed with the front bumper that must be used wisely to break into your rivals. Don’t worry about taking damage because it always provides you with the most protection. You soak damage only when you get hit on the rear or sides of your car. Coins are scattered over the map, so you should gather them as many as possible to fill up your nitro meter which allows you make a speed boost. Protect your car all the time, or else the enemies will annihilate you anytime they can. The main objective is to rule the entire arena so you can become the best champion of all.

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