Slither Publisher October 18, 2018
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How to play: Click left mouse for throwing TNT, use the right mouse to speed up.

About is a classic strategy bomberman game giving you a chance to play as Steve – a famous character from Minecraft game. You will come across so many players who take on the role of Steve as well in this big arena. You start roaming through the map collecting so many red bombs to generate your TNT and pick up plenty of crystals to grow your size. Try to plant up to 6 bombs at a time when you’re close to the rivals. Use your strategies to trap them with those bombs and they will be destroyed when the bombs explode. Protect yourself all the since the enemies can do the same to you. If you get blast, the game will be over. Keep growing yourself until you become the largest Steve and the champion of this bombing tournament, which is your main goal in this IO game. Are you ready? Give it a try now!

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