Slither Publisher December 5, 2019
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How to play: Use the mouse to control your character

About Crowded


Crowded is one of the nice free for all iO games. It’s also available for you to download from app stores. So, you can enjoy the adventure on PC or mobile devices easily. It is an intense competition of zombies. You can realize your character by color.

Crowded brings back a fun and addictive match where you have to defeat every rival to dominate the top spot. Play the challenge unblocked and try your best to form the biggest group in the shortest time! Being the largest team in that place will allow you to be the winner. So, you must collect minions online at the start. Besides, you can pick up power-ups. When you loot targets like that, you can rank up and get stronger. Be careful! Somebody nearby can steal your members. It forces you to run constantly. It is the basic ability to escape the foes and chase the victim.

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