Slither Publisher August 25, 2018
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How to play: Use WASD for the movements, press key 1 to use a sword, key 2 to throw stones, key 3 to eat food and key 4 to build a block.

About is an entertaining 2D platformer game taking you to a wonderful world that is randomly generated. This world is so great to explore, but it’s also full of dangerous mobs and enemies that you need to remove if you want to start a peaceful life here. Try to roam locations to collect rocks then throw them at your opponents. Kill them as fast as possible while attempting to protect yourself from their attacks. You must also gather some food, eat it to recover your energy as well as heal yourself when you get tired. Try to construct a strong base then stay in it to elude the dangerous attacks from the rivals around you. Pay attention to your surroundings, have your skills ready all the time to conquer all dangers as well as survive longer in this awesome yet tough world! Let’s kick off the game now! Wish you luck!

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