Slither Publisher January 10, 2020
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How to play: Use WASD or Arrow keys to drive, space or left mouse to fire

About DatTank


DatTank is a free tank iO game. Play the new match online against multiple enemies and destroy all of them to score kills. Try to outsmart every opponent as soon as possible to take over the leaderboard!

Connect to the challenge in DatTank unblocked with a team and remember to work together with your allies! Moving around the map with these friends will help you increase your own survival ability. DatTank is a good playfield for you to test your shooting possibility and other skills. You’d better fire every projectile at the target accurately. Besides, you are advised to run away if you cannot deal with somebody who is stronger than you! There are a lot of power-ups scattered on the ground. It’s easy to collect them and restore your health or reload ammo! Do not let your vehicle take too much damage without healing or you will lose immediately! Have fun!

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