Slither Publisher August 3, 2019
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How to play: Control your creature using the mouse. Click the mouse to speed up.


In unblocked adventure game, you become a marine creature swimming through a huge sea to survive all dangers. Your size is very small, so you must increase it by eating as much food as possible, but this food quest is no easy at all when there are many predators around you. They can devour you easily, so you need to hide and dodge them before they catch you. Not only predators, but you also have to watch out for other players who can absorb you as well. You should attempt to eat the ones that are smaller than you while keeping yourself away from the larger ones. As you progress and earn enough experience, you can evolve into the next creature that is much stronger. Just make sure nothing can eat you up! Stay alive until you get the highest score on the board to become the best sea creature in free multiplayer io game!

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