Slither Publisher October 27, 2017
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How to play: Move your character with keys WASD. Click left mouse to assault or utilize your items, press spacebar for charging or jumping.

About is a new survival game online with RPG elements. You will play with so many opponents from across the world in this great IO game. You will start with an adventure of searching for a lot of resources around the map, then, use them to craft a lot of handy items. You can see a lot of discrepant buildings, along with many wild animals, monsters or even enemies. Start to create a fortress for yourself, use your craft weapons to go kill those animals, launch your attacks to the opponents and stop them from killing you. Hunger is a challenge you have to conquer. Try to get more foods from the dead animals, eat them all to regain your energy and never leave your stomach hungry. Don’t forget to improve your abilities to become stronger. You have to defeat all cunning clans as well as prolong your life. Kick it off now!

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